Visionaire 52: Private (with Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton, Mert and Marcus)

Written By bryanboy

Visionaire 52: Private

Can you believe it’s already November? Christmas is just around the corner and good lord have mercy on our wallets, it’s gift season once again and the Marc Jacobs store isn’t even open yet! I just ordered 2 copies of Visionaire 52: Private by Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton, featuring photographs by Mert & Marcus. One is for me and one is for my friend who is the most HARDCORE MJLV fan on the face of the planet. That person is so hardcore s/he/it is the type who probably masturbates over images of Marc Jacobs late at night. According to the lovely trannies at Fashion Week Daily, celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe ordered six copies of this book so go figure.

Visionaire 52: Private - Marc Jacobs

What I can’t figure out is whether or not this edition comes with a leather miroir case. I mean, there’s the book case in gold miroir (left), yes, however, there are images floating around the net that resembles a nice nifty case that one can use as an oversized envelope clutch (right), no? When you can’t find anything at Louis Vuitton for under $2,000, three hundred seventy five bucks for a clutch is a fucking bargain! Will my Visionairey/V Mag friends tell me what the whole ordeal is? Many years ago, I got myself the "Where"/Hermes edition (postcards with pictures that David LaChapelle took and came in with an Hermes pouch, the same leather as Hermes HER-bag, and pencil). I got so bored with it so I ended up sending those postcards to people around the world. Little did I know damn thing ended up as a collectible item and you can’t get that issue of Visionaire anymore. Stupid ol queen! Big mistake. Big! Huge!

Visionaire 52: Private is US$375 per copy and is available in chi chi bookstores worldwide or from Visionaire themselves. I got mine from Amazon cause I also I ordered a bunch of books. Might as well get it all from one place. Yes. Books. You read that right. Just because I look like a downright
illiterate scumbag it doesn’t mean I don’t like books. I love books!
They make my shelves look colourful and pretty. I hope it arrives in time though because according to Amazon, the book won’t be shipped until late November/early December. Oh dear.

Visionaire 52: Private -

I’m going to the post office tomorrow. My ebay purchases are starting to pour in.

WHORES DAMN WHORES Y’ALL BETTER SEND ME CHRISTMAS PRESENTS IN THE MAIL. Surprise me! It’s the thought that counts. Whatever you do, don’t send me anything size small. Send me cock! Send me big, huge cock in the mail! – MCPO Box 2044, Makati City MM 1250, Philippines.

I love you all!

PS. Shit. There goes my LV ban. LOL.


  1. Why were you banning LV, BB? I had a self-imposed ban, too–I was trying to wean myself off of conspicuous logos. Its hard to resist, though.

  2. brian – lol, vogueite actually reads my blog. let him be! ;)
    valley girl – it’s not just that. i lost interest because LV these days has never been more ubiquitous. they are EVERYWHERE. everyone has a bloody LV. everyone and i mean EVERYONE.

  3. Tart Fuel

    OMG I am trying to look for an answer to whether that issue of Visionaire comes with a “miroir case” (as in a miroir-looking cardboard box) or the miroir PVC envelope for weeks!! If it comes with the real thing, I am going ahead with my order. I am waiting for answers from people who contacted Visionaire as well. I’m only after the miroir case, so pathetic. BB, can you post some info as soon as you find out please? Thank youss!

  4. Hey there! If I had the funds to afford, I would purchase the book for Dornan’s photos alone. Hello frontal nudity! If you ever get scans, I would love for you to send them my way!
    Hope you are having a good day!

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