Video Poll

I want to make a new video this weekend just for you know, shits and giggles. So tell me, what would you rather see me do? Reality TV with model wannabes or a 10-year retrospective of a famous American designer?

Answer now! It’s 5:40PM and I’m going to bed. I’ll start making the video as soon as I wake up.

I love you all as always.

PS. On second thought, I probably won’t be able to upload the video on YouTube because my OH SO FUCKING FABULOUS (NOT) internet connection is fucked up once again. It’s been like this for the past few weeks. If you’re in the third world and thinking of signing up for Globe Visibility — listen to me when I say DON’T. Do not, under any circumstances, sign up for Globe Visibility. You’re gonna get scammed! Although I like them for my cellphone service, I cannot possibly think of the worst internet service provider other than Globe Telecom. The fuckers are so aggressive when it comes to their ad campaigns but all they want is your money. Classic case of money, money, money come to me. Do you have any idea of what I’m going through right now? Well, check out my internet speed. I’m not even gonna bother telling you my whole ordeal with their clueless customer service reps. Sasakit lang ulo ko.

US$50 a month
for glorified dial-up when my connection is supposed to be 1.4Mbps. I’m telling you, it’s like 1997 all over again! Heck, I might as well dig up one of them US Robotics 28.8K modems that I used back in the dark ages to chat on MIRC. Yes, the one with the alien invasion space battleship sounds. Check-out all the complaints (38 pages worth) that I found on a discussion forum. Isn’t it fantastic? Don’t you just LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE companies in the third world? What a bunch of bastards. They really should be ashamed of themselves.