Something for the weekend…

Written By bryanboy

Something for the weekend…

Here’s a few tracks you may want to listen to. I still can’t get over the Spring/Summer 2008 Versace video. Nothing excites me more than a good ol’ high energy, high gloss, plexiglass runway after watching dozens of identikit white backdrop/white runway fashion shows. Tanya D. is amazing, Natasha Poly, Carmen Kass and MariaCarla Boscono = priceless. The fiercest, however, is no other than Viviane Orth.

Viviane Orth

That girl really surprised me… bitch is totally fierce and she really owned that runway. There’s this part on the video when they played that "watch me work it, I’m perfect" track and some of the models were dull as hell you’d think they’re walking on the moon. BAM! comes Sasha with her funny pose and WHAM BAM WHAM! comes Viviane Orth in that white dress, hair flying all over the place as she swished past (NOT ONCE BUT TWICE) Isabeli Fontana who needs crack. I don’t know about you but does crystal meth come in a butt suppository format cause some of those girls need energy on that runway. Whatevs. They’re all pretty and you’re not. Versace forever!


  • Mincing
    Trick & Kubic Feat. Valeska – Easy
    (BEST TRACK EVER. Listen to this in its entirety. Go go go mincing down the street on this track. Heck, I am so gonna put this song on autorepeat and go on a 5-kilometer powermincing session. You know, I always get flak from people saying I walk on the street wayyy too fast but what they don’t know is… mincing is a great way to lose weight. Anyway… light a cigarette, swish those hips, get your hair flying in the air. Work those legs, one foot in front of the other! Go 100 miles per hour! Always remember that every day is a fashion show, life is a runway. IT’S EASY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
  • Simian Mobile Disco – Sleep Deprivation (I know. I originally wanted this but after that EASY track, I’m no longer obsessed.)
  • Pig & Dan – Unreplacable

    *** FOR SUNDAY ***

  • Anakelly – Under My Thumb
  • Feist – My Moon, My Man (Carolina Herrera used this track for her spring/summer 2008 fashion show)

And there you have it. I hope you enjoy this weekend’s selections. If you need help using the mp3 player, click here for instructions.

I love you all!


  1. cigarette

    “I’m perfect” song = “Perfect (exceeder)” by Princess Superstar.

  2. cigarette

    “I’m perfect” song = “Perfect (exceeder)” by Princess Superstar.

  3. Brayn could you please make these available for download?? because I can’t find these anywhere

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