Slim Jim: Only in America

One of the members of my familia de horreur just got back from the USA land of the fatties and home of the brave and they thought of me when they bought this shit. Meet the most ridiculous food (FOOD???) entity I have EVER seen in my entire life, even more ridiculous than jerky. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Slim Jim.

Snap into a slim jim!
slim jim

I’m honestly at a loss of words. This Slim Jim shit is crazy y’all, crazy I’m telling you. I could only imagine the people who eat this sort of crap lives in a trailer park in Kentucky somewhere. Y’all know I love the trailer class but this thing, whatever it is, has the colour of a turd and it looks like a small twig as thin and as big as a cigarette. It tastes like peppered cardboard. OILY peppered cardboard. It’s crunchy when you bite it but as soon as you start munching, it’s like chewing rubber. Gross.

Click click click!

Slim Jim is soo slim…

slim jim

slim jim

… but there’s nothing so slim about it. Each slim jim contains 150 calories, 80% of those are FAT.

slim jim

I also learned something new today.

In America, they have terms like "mechanically separated chicken" which means "chicken ass and chicken bones grinded into a machine" in real world terms.

Slim Jim is made out of "mechanically separated chicken" so go figure.

I don’t understand how people could eat this sort of thing. It’s soo not right!

But then again, I just ate 4 of these so cry me a river.

Never again.

I"m going to hell. I know that.

Now if you excuse me, I’m gonna go to the toilet and shove some fingers down my throat.