Skiing anyone? Craigslist banned me :(

Written By bryanboy

Skiing anyone? Craigslist banned me :(

Oh my god. Oh my fucking god.

I googled something a few minutes ago and one of the search results is hosted on craigslist. I clicked on the link and lo and behold I got this error message:

This IP has been automatically blocked.

I haven’t been to craigslist in a while so this whole ip-address blocking thing is new to me.


Craigslist must have caught on me for my attention-seeking antics lying about being 15. They banned my ip address! Where do I have to go to now to play "spot the half-something, half-filipino manwhore" or "sperminate the tranny and let’s go skiing, bb and raw" or "guess George Michael’s CD4 count"? I don’t want manhunt. That wretched site is filled with diseased circuit queens and Clay Aiken with herpes!


  1. well.. that sucks.. i have to admit though.. visiting sites like that and doing some crazy shits are way way fun haha.. so.. i know how you feels.. harhar.. i went to craigslist awhile ago.. and damn.. i think 70% of the wierdest and the yuckiest clay aikens are in craigslist… its freaky seeing 40+y/o gay guy showing up their weenies.. ugh.. puleaze..

  2. craiglist is soo entertaining!! i love the crazy ass shit they have there.
    also valley girl, there’s craigslist manila/philippines too LOL

  3. and valley girl.. as Bryanboy said.. there’s no boundary when it comes to faggotry.. :) lol

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