Rachel Clark: Galliano Girl

Written By bryanboy

Rachel Clark: Galliano Girl

It’s 7AM, I’ve been up all night just to see the Galliano pics. I’m sure I’m NOT the only one out there who PATIENTLY waited for Galliano. TFS tsk tsk tsk. Hahaha! Christian Dior, Ann Demeulemeester, Givenchy, Hermès, John Galliano. Once again, big, big, big congrats to Rachel for a brilliant 2nd season. I’m telling you all, I feel like a proud mother (I KNOW HER I KNOW HER!!) it’s not even funny.

Rachel Clark

Enough obsession. God forbid I end up one of them teenage Backstreet Boy girl fans. Hah! I’m not sure why she’s got her eyes closed on the Galliano pic but I’m sure a better photo will surface anytime soon. Now if only Carine Roitfeld give good ol’ ME, BRYANBOY Rachel a Vogue Paris editorial/cover I’ll be super duper happy.

Tomorrow I’m gonna buy beef jerky to celebrate. Yeeehaw! Here’s the last part of the Christian Dior Spring/Summer 2008 soundtrack. I love!!!!


  1. did you check out the wedding dress of ‘carrie bradshaw’ designed by westwood for the movie. awesome stuff. very carrie.

  2. Lolo Rey

    Hello, l love Galliano he is just awsome, unbelieveable, his designs, his presentation, his models, the music he select, by the way, can you tell me who is the singer? l just can’t get this song off of my mind, l just love it so much, l think l’m addicted to it hehehehehe.
    l’m just starting in the fashion industry but l’m always waiting for Galliano’s.

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