Potato Craving

Written By bryanboy

Potato Craving

It’s 4:12AM and I’m in desperate need of potatoes. I want to eat anything potato — fries, baked, chips, whatever except boiled. I have 2 potatoes right in front of me and I can’t, for the life of god, find the peeler. I don’t really know how to peel anything using a knife. I tried to peel the thing but I’m doing it wrong — they’re wayyy too thick.


Ugh. There must be a way. I need a potato fix!

4:30AM Update: I managed to figure out a way to peel them and I’m now in the middle of frying potato chips. Yep. Potato chips with salt, pepper, lots of shredded parmesan on top. Yummy!


  1. your potatoes look nasty, by the way. are they like third-world potatoes? they’re all shriveled-up and beaten.

  2. Philipp

    Whenever I have some odd craving late at night I drink lots of water. Hi hi, fatass indeed ;)

  3. queenbee

    hahaha. that must be some really really big craving huh. to make you go and peel and fry potatoes talaga. all the worse, i bet those are even the small and really bumpy kind we have in pinas. haha. are there no 7-11/ministops near your place where you could just buy refrigerated fries?

  4. G-bot 2000

    OMG! Filipino potatoes look exactly like Australian potatoes! Who knew?

  5. queenbee: are you talking about those nasty ass frozen cardboard that people put in a box or vacuum sealed bag and label “fries”? thanks but no thanks.
    i’m trying to steer myself away from 24-hour 7/11 and gas stations because every time i go there i always end up buying a dozen stale donuts!

  6. queenbee

    haha. you should! after aging in those refrigerated stalls for about 3 to 4 weeks, those donuts are either rock hard, cardboardy or lethal.

  7. Nefidela

    Well i don’t crave potatoes at 4 am but i do crave them when i am about to menstruate..I read where it was i was needing salt but the salt didn’t do any thing for me ….so i went and bought box of Old Dutch Plain potatoes chips and herb and garlic dip and wow i had maybe 5 chips with a little dip and i was not only satisfied ,but i felt very full. i wont every give up potatoes, Here is a joke for all you potatoes lovers .
    Taboo from fantasy island always ask for potato chips … what are his favorite chips? . I see the little guy running around ,Yelling “the plane ” boss ,” the plane “…ha ha have a great day .

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