Motivation Coach.

I thought I’d take a break from answering this in-depth interview (my god) to share to you all one of the questions — and my answer. I’m telling you, the amount of shit I am able to pull out of my ass never cease to amaze me.


Q. In your opinion what industry/companies have the
coolest opportunities for people such as yourself?

My answer: All
industries have the coolest opportunity for the RIGHT person. What I
think is cool may not be suitable for someone else. I also don’t
believe in looking for opportunities. Why look for something that a
million other people are also looking for? I’m not the type who is
willing to fight tooth and nail or claw others down the ladder or sit
idle forever waiting for the right opportunity to come along. Do you
have any idea how many millions of peasants are there in this country?
It won’t be long until we reach 90 million. Whatever happened to
population control? In my opinion, opportunity either lands on your
lap, or, like me, you create them yourself.

It all starts in believing yourself, finding what you are
TRULY passionate in life about, capitalizing on the things that you
enjoy doing the most and of course, create ways on how to make revenue
out of it.

Like being gay for instance. Being gay is a full-time job.


Ok. I didn’t include the last sentence (hahaha) but whatever. Maybe y’all could learn a thing or two from what I just said. No? Am I goooooooooooooooooooooooooooood or what? Answer me. Am I fucking good?

Love me love me, say that you love me.

PS. I don’t care about anyyyyyyyythinnnngggg but…… ME!