Martin Margiela's Cameltoe Warriors

Written By bryanboy

Martin Margiela’s Cameltoe Warriors

In the words of Aleksyss K. Tylor, coochie will make you slap somebody! I have never seen so much coochie in my entire life. I need a lobotomy, I swear!

Martin Margiela sent cameltoes down the catwalk for his spring/summer 2008 collection. Good thing I don’t have low hangers otherwise I wouldn’t be able to achieve this look without the help of duct tape. My balls are still recovering after trying to do that Carine Roitfeld leg pose. I love the shoulder pads as always… and do take note of the flickrblockrs-type of sunglasses after the jump.

Martin Margiela

Cameltoes are in style! Click click click for more! Don’t vote on the poll until you’ve seen the following photos.

Woah. Flckrblockrs + cameltoes = perfect combination.

Martin Margiela

Martin Margiela

martin margiela

martin margiela

martin margiela

Oh my god.

Thank GOD I’m gay and I have the immunity card.

Otherwise it’s criminal for me to look at pictures like that. I don’t want to be accused lusting over the vajayjay, you know?


It’s forbidden. It’s very very forbidden to look at pictures of coochies, especially online.


  1. good lord.. gross.. grotesque.. eeww.. that thing exists? migod.. the thing with a vertical line exists? whoa… *lmfao*

  2. Its hot. I’m sorry, call it gross if you want, but straight guys love that. I’m pretty sure that girl in 4 pic down isn’t wearing anything below waist….

  3. yeah james i know.. hey.. im not picking a fight.. but the thing is.. im not straight.. so.. peace.. :)

  4. i think wearing those would actually be quite painful for women with sensitive..uh..coochies (!!??).

  5. oh.. britney spears would be so much welcome to be a model there.. lol *yuck*

  6. Very clever! Cameltoe Galore! The women (maybe men) will be wearing it in the future. Now, the whole world will be having Cameltoes, Yay!!!

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