Marc by Marc Jacobs

Allelujah, allelujah, allelujah. AHHHHHHHH LLLLLEEE LU JAAAAAHHHHH.

Marc by Marc Jacobs
Photo via: Chuvaness

Visa cards with $0 balances at ten paces… coming soon in the cesspit of the third world: Marc by Marc Jacobs! Ladies, you’re not hallucinating. God DEFINITELY answered my prayers! Thank you Rustan’s. Thank you SSI.

Three questions.

1) When will the store open?
2) What collection are they gonna carry? Fall/Winter 2007 (which is gonna be on "sale" come late December/January) or Spring/Summer 2008?
3) Clothing? Accessories? Both?

I have another question (are there jobs available because I want a staff discount) and then the thought of me serving people day in/day out is soo not, you know… fuck that shit. Me? Serving people? Bitch. Please. I would rather jump off a bridge head first than hand a 17-year old fat spoiled kid some size 7 shoes in exchange for what, 50% staff discount?

Just bloody open already! I love Marc by Marc!