Madonna fails in style.

Written By bryanboy

Madonna fails in life style.

And this, my friends, is why soFEEsticated gays like me prefer a Gareth Pugh-wearing Kylie over Madonna. I think Madonna’s stylish days ended when she stopped wearing those Gaultier cone bras.


Photo via Jezebel/Flynet

Madonna is definitely iconic, yes, but you’ll never see Kylie wear shit like THAT. Sorry Maddy. Time for yet another reinvention.


  1. gotta disagree wid yah on ds one bry, kylie is NOTHING compared to madonna…

  2. volkswagensex

    it looks good on the upper half then the other half destroys the whole thing… thats why i nvr liked baggy pants… slim forever…

  3. fabrice sensation

    Thank you! God! Someone put that washed-up hag out to pasture already… Maybe she can re-invent herself as a 50-year old mother of two (oh… Wait!) and shut the fuck up. She’s two colonics away from being liza minelli. Time to give it up.

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