In Style Magazine shows how to ruin your cashmere

Written By bryanboy

In Style Magazine shows how to ruin your cashmere

I love In Style. I really do. In my opinion, it’s the only "fashion" magazine allowed to have celebrities on the cover. It’s their turf and celebrities are what they do best. Hollywood "glamour", Hollywood fashion, Hollywood chu chu bells. Want to keep up with celebrity fashion? Grab a copy of In Style. Not ___. Not ___. Not ___ ____. Anyway, the only time I read In Style is whenever I go to salons. It’s one of those things that *YOU* have to do, come hell or high water, whenever you get your hair or your nails done: flip through the pages of In Style.

Lookie lookie at what I found:

You have GOT to be kidding me. Handwash cashmere sweaters? Use shampoo? Outrageous! I don’t know about you but even our maid knows that YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO HANDWASH CASHMERE SWEATERS BECAUSE OF A THING CALLED SHRINKAGE. Last time the help pulled this shit on me, my precious Lucien Pellat-Finet sweater ended up as DOGWEAR, as in I ended up giving it to the dog because it shrank.

I’m sorry but that’s just irresponsible advice. Cashmere = dry clean only. If you have moths in your house then houston, you have a problem. CALL PEST CONTROL!


  1. My housekeeper hand washes all of my cashmere, wool etc. Dry cleaning is nasty. If you take your sweater that has been dry cleaned and put in a bucket with cold water, the water turns black. Tell your housekeeper to hand wash your cashmere in cold water with baby shampoo but she/he shouldn’t dry it in the drying machine (the heat will cause it to shrink). You need to have them lay the sweater flat to dry on a sweater rack. Your cashmere will be so soft and clean, I promise.

  2. As a knitter, I can tell you it’s perfectly safe to handwash cashmere. I do it all the time. Just don’t do it in HOT water and don’t agitate it too much. You want to put it in tepid water, and swish it around and rub detergent into smelly spots, etc. To dry, lay the sweater on a towel in the shape you want it to dry in, put another towel ontop, and gently roll the towels up. Unroll the towels and then lay flat to dry on some sort of mesh material. I do it all the time! p.s. The cedar chips in the same closet as your clothes will keep moths away but they will eventually lose their potency.

  3. I have several cashmere sweaters from Mongolia (very good quality) and I handwash them all the time. Then dry them flat. It works. Never had a problem.

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