I LOLed.

Written By bryanboy

I LOLed.

We all know I have a sick and twisted (more like, delusional) point of view so when I saw myself wear that silver piece of shit on my latest video, I thought, "oh man, I’m fucking hot". Except my wig ate my neck. Hahaha. Anyway, it’s natural that I ask some of my straight male buddies whether or not we share the same sentiment.

Click click click!

Bryanboy: You didn’t even say a word what you thought of my vid!
Branko: ok well
Bryanboy: what?
Branko: it was interesting.
Bryanboy: I look like a hot bitch in a silver dress and that gave you a boner? is that what you mean? would you hit it?
Branko: that was scary. and the heels were scary.
Bryanboy: oh please. what’s scary? dontcha wish your girlfriend was hot like me?
Branko: no, cross-dressing
Bryanboy: it’s
fun for the cameras. i don’t go out to the grocery store looking like
that. i had to drive for 3 hours to go to the middle of nowhere to find
a road with no one in it so i can walk in heels and the last time i
went wearing heels in PUBLIC with people, i was drunk like a skunk!
Branko: see you’re pretending. you wouldn’t even go in public in heels!
Bryanboy: well I wont.
Branko: do it in downtown manila! the peasants would beat you.
Bryanboy: been there, done that, minus the beating. everything
else is history. anyway, everyone here is a fucking faggot. fembots
around the world are a dying breed, you know that?

Bryanboy: let’s say u saw the vid without knowing me will you think the person in the silver sheath a boy or a girl?
Branko: i would think boy
hahahahha i HATE you!!!!!!!!!!! i think you’ve been brainwashed by ____
(this guy we know). he only befriended me cause he thinks i’m a real
tranny and i’m gonna give him ass and nuts. he’s got like 200 gigabytes
of tranny porn!
Branko: well, i find you cross-dressing a bit i dunno. odd and unusual. especially when I KNOW it’s only for attention but whatever
Bryanboy: well it’s fun and it’s for my readers.
Branko: your readers are retarded though
Bryanboy: oi. i love my readers!!!
hold on. the first few times i saw you i thought you’re crazy, like
shocking that you did this. then after talking to you it became obvious
it was all an act. so i stuck around.
Bryanboy: well, anyway, we wouldnt be friends this long if you REALLY find it odd

hahaha obviously i don’t.


fast forward 5 hours later

Branko: i saw a pic of you wearing men jeans and a tshirt. it looked so awkward.


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