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JD FERGUSON!!!!! Kevin Costner and that "IF I BLOG IT THEY WILL COME" have nothing on me. Same applies to Jared Leto and Oh No They Didn’t! Hahahaha!

Christmas came early this year! Although I got a hint not too long ago… HOW COME NO ONE TOLD ME ABOUT THIS AND IT’S GONNA BE THIS GOOD?????? I did my usual round on TFS and saw these photos…. it’s two of my favourite fashion people in the world, Sonny V. and Rachel Clark spotted at Chapurin, Spring/Summer 2008, courtesy of the guys at Catwalking! For those of you  who are familiar with their photos, their stories and their work, you’ll know what I mean when I say they are both amazing, inspirational and awesome. They’re special. Really. Even more so than me. I’m no one but a foul-mouthed, gender-bending attention whore so inspirational I am not.


Sonny Vandevelde and Rachel Clark, Chapurin Spring 2008

Click click click for more photos!

All photos courtesy of Catwalking.


Sonny Vandevelde and Rachel Clark, Chapurin Spring 2008


Rachel Clark, Chapurin Spring 2008

Jesus mother of god, is Rachel tall or what? She had chicken wings in Paris (UNFAIR!!!) and I had those chicken wings in the third world a few days ago.

The legs. I have no words.

Rachel Clark, Chapurin Spring 2008

Rachel Clark, Chapurin Spring 2008


Rachel Clark, Hermes Spring 2008


Rachel Clark, Lanvin Spring 2008

Enough said. Big, big, big congrats for a very succesful show season! Hopefully the adorable Conde Nast folk will take note and give her 120-page editorials.




I’m so happy!!!! Seeing people I know become successful makes me very happy. It’s hard to describe… I really feel like a proud mother. =)

Speaking of models, I found this hilarious piece by the folks at Socialite’s Life why you shouldn’t be photographed beside models. I died!!!!

Teri Hatcher


  1. Meh.
    I don’t understand what the fuss is all about and I don’t see anything remarkable about her. She’s no Natasha Poly either. She didn’t even do Chanel.

  2. oh please. what makes a person truly remarkable is more than what meets the eye. does that make any sense? ugh! sorry babes, but you don’t know jack shit.
    and career-wise, it’s only her 2nd season. give her a break.

  3. fakey fakey

    the photos look fake. the guy is pointing at the girl and vice-versa.

  4. omg bb!!rachel clark and sonny… jeeezz bb you sure are famous!!!
    do you know them in-person??

  5. To Adobe,
    that’s not photoshopped, because that’s my writing , and well, I wrote it , so I should know, Rach and I love all the hard slogging behind the computer Bryan does to bring you Bryanboy.com, so we heart bryanboy

  6. I’m so happy for you bryan, you have come all the way!!!! Lets aim for Snejana now…..!!!

  7. to fakey fakey, “the guy is pointing to the girl” well excuse me, it is me Sonny, not ” the guy ” and I’m not pointing to the girl, because then I would use my index finger only and I would be pointing straight to her, I’m holding up the piece of paper silly, and it is just a piece of paper, so a bit flimsy, so I had to hold it like that so it stay upright, jeez Bryan, can you believe this shit, that people would think it is a fake shot, when it is coming form that other fashion site, what was it called catwalking or something, well fakey fakey, the shot was taken by a friend of mine, Richard,who is also a bs photographer , and works for IHT and his photos end up on catwalking, so why on earth would he photoshop a sign in there , when Richard does not even know who bryanboy is ( sacre blue, c’est pas possible ) well he does now, aniiiiway, when I get aroudn to it, I’ll put it on my own blog so you know it’s not a fake fakey fakey

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