Has it really been a year?

Written By bryanboy

Has it really been a year?

Has it really been a year since I opened my post office box?

Post office

I went to the post office earlier this morning because to drop off some envelopes (yes — you guys should get your little packets soon!!!) and to pick up my mail, only to find out that my PO BOX expired back in August.

I confess — I don’t really check my PO BOX often because that
particular post office is about 15 miles away and according to the lady
there, ALL my mail got returned to the sender. I was pissed cause they
never sent me any notifications that my PO BOX expired but then again, I
should be responsible for checking it. I opened the box strictly for fan mail. Ugh. Silly me.

The good thing is, they haven’t
released my box to anyone else and I have the option to renew it on the
spot… that’s what I did. Once again, I’m now the proud owner of MCPO Box 2044 in Makati Central Post Office, Makati, MM 1250, Philippines.

Go me! Now go bombard my PO box with mail. Surprise me. I like getting things in the mail!

MCPO Box 2044
Makati City, MM 1250

PS. Thank you, bienenkise, for the fabulous Masha gift. Masha is love! Celebrate Masha indeed.

Masha Tyelna


  1. Yeah. What kind of mail would you get? And what kind of mail would you LIKE to get? Maybe i just MIGHT surprise you.

  2. oh
    i get all sorts of things — postcards, notes, invites, letters, small gifts, magazines, etc. i love everything
    i like surprises. :)

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