Guess Chanel's Plus-Size Mascot

Written By bryanboy

Guess Chanel’s Plus-Size Mascot

Guess the glamazon who’s making headlines in Paris this season. Even Karl Lagerfeld (yes, of all people) thought the girls now are so thin he had to reject three models because they look “deformed”.
It makes perfect sense though. When your clothes pay homage to Americana (where 60% of the population are festively plump and morbidly well-fed) and when you’re targeting the Lindsay Lohan generation, it makes perfect sense to send someone down the runway with a figure that most people can relate to. No, it’s definitely not Velvet D’Amour or Crystal Renn for Gaultier. You know what? Whatever. I love Americans. And I fucking love beef jerky. I think it’s the best invention EVER.

Gemma Ward

The drag queen at Fashion Addict Diary wanted to know whether or not it’s time that we stuff our faces full of creampie. I don’t know about you but I’m still allergic to cream-filled internal combustion… cookies! DO. NOT. WANT.

Anyway… click click click!

It’s no other than top model Gemma Ward!!!

She’s back… with a vengeance and she’s gonna eat you for lunch!

(Just kidding. I love you Gemma. Plus-size models represent!)

Gemma Ward at Chanel

You know, I actually have a soft spot for Gemma. I saw this Australian documentary about her and she seems to be a very down-to-earth kind of girl and she seems nice.

Unlike the Eastern European nasties. JK.

Big girl, you are beautiful!!!

Well… what do you think?


  1. Invisiblemoose

    her legs look fucking weird, has that been really badly photoshopped or something? Even if she had major celulite her legs shouldnt actually be wavey, i smell some internet trickery

  2. Fabbityfabfab

    What the hell, thats not plus size, thats normal. As in beautiful.

  3. nope, not photo chopped. i found the high resolution pic on TFS and it’s 100% real. even hilary alexander noticed it.

  4. Savanna

    I fail to see how she is “plus size”. I guess that’s because I’m American, though.

  5. filipinochio

    She has too tight model type body for me. What’s going on now in the fashion world aren’t they getting the real deal here, blame it to No-Lita ads. Fashion is really for skinny women, I’m not a fashion guru but I think they will loose the essence of fashion and that is for skinny women.

  6. koalacunt

    But she’s pregnant, what else to expect? Of course there’s been lots of other models who worked until 4 months into it without looking like a BigMac, but not everyone’s built the same way.

  7. um where the heck did u get that information about gemma being pregnant?
    i think she’s beautiful as she is. :)

  8. Misalexis

    Your head is so far up your stupid ass that you cannot even think straight , making a ass backwards comment like that. Stupid twat, fashion is for anybody that can fucking pay for it and also is a state of mind. That is the essence of fashion ass-hat.

  9. Oh my god, i dont believe this. no wonder she got fat, i honestly dint recognize her. Is she like really pregnant?

  10. Oh my god, i dont believe this. no wonder she got fat, i honestly dint recognize her. Is she like really pregnant?

  11. Oh my god, i dont believe this. no wonder she got fat, i honestly dint recognize her. Is she like really pregnant?

  12. Brittany

    oh geez, she got kind of chubs. we americans may be fatties, but we don’t like to look at fatties.

  13. Anonymous

    If you looked at any of the other photos from the Chanel show or any other 2008 show you would see that this one is photoshopped (she spoke about it in an interview actually).

  14. “Big girl, you are beautiful”?
    This is not “big”, fashionheads, it’s just not what we’re used to. But yes, she certainly is beautiful. Moreso than someone whose gut extends further than her tits like a famine-stricken child.

  15. oh my gosh…are you kidding me?!!?!?!!??! WTF!!!!!!!
    “Big girl, you are beautiful!!!” ???
    Dude, the person who wrote this must me a stick or something….

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