Glorietta 2 Bombing/Explosion/Blast Blah blah blah

Written By bryanboy

Gas_tankGlorietta 2 Bombing/Explosion/Blast Blah blah blah

Oh. my. god. It’s a good thing I didn’t go to the city otherwise I’d probably be dead right now. Whatevs, it’s not like I go to THAT part of the mall anyway. JK.

I was having my pedicure done earlier this afternoon at my neighbourhood salon when my mum sent me a text message, asking my whereabouts because something exploded in one of the biggest malls here. Initial reports said some cooking gas tank exploded in some restaurant but based on the damage I’ve seen on TV just now (and online photos), there is NO way in hell a small gas tank blew up an entire wing of a mall with several floors to the point that the ceiling fell to the ground. As of latest count, 8 people have died and 89 people are injured. It’s heart-wrenching to watch this sort of shit on TV so I had to turn it off.

Glorietta 2 explosion

Look at all those mallrats. Gotta love third world gawkers. Put myself in their shoes and I’d be running for my life.

I hope this isn’t some sort of a terrorist attack… as if we really need one right now. It’s funny cause I had this conversation with my dad earlier this morning about foreign exchange rates and how third world mickey mouse money is going soo strong compared to the donald duck dollar (I mostly get paid in US dollars for my ventures) and it sucks that the exchange rate is nasty. He even said the dollar will reach greater lows compared to our currency over the next few months. Well, with this whole mall explosion thing rocking the country right now, I can’t wait to see what sort of effect this thing will have on the markets. I don’t know about you but hella I’m buying stocks this Monday — buy low, sell high! LOL. 

On a lighter note, I might be playing hostess to a few foreign friends in the next few weeks and I don’t want people to be cancelling their flights left and right etc. Y’ALL HAVE TO COME SEE ME FOOLS, DON’T LISTEN TO THE MEDIA. I have huge fat cock flying in and my ass needs a serious pump and dump session! I need cock god dammit. I need huge fat uncut cock! The US Embassy already issued travel advisories god forbid other countries follow suit.

My sincere condolences go out to families and friends of the victims. Click click click for more explosion photos.

Oh my god. I have no words.

Glorietta 2 Bombings Explosion Blast Bomb Glorietta 2 Bombings Explosion Blast Bomb
Glorietta 2 Bombings Explosion Blast Bomb Glorietta 2 Bombings Explosion Blast Bomb
Glorietta 2 Bombings Explosion Blast Bomb Glorietta 2 Bombings Explosion Blast Bomb
Glorietta 2 Bombings Explosion Blast Bomb Glorietta 2 Bombings Explosion Blast Bomb

Update… more Glorietta 2 Bombing photos…

Glorietta 2 Bombing

Glorietta 2 Bombing

Glorietta 2 Bombing

Glorietta 2 Bombing

Glorietta 2 Bombing

Glorietta 2 Bombing

Glorietta 2 Bombing

… and a video taken minutes after the explosion.

I hope you guys are safe wherever you are in the world.   


  1. OMG bryanboy. one of my schoolmates died from that incident. soo sad. she’s a college sophie pa naman. now all of us in school are grieving. it’s so sad that if the incident was a proven terrorist attack, it’ll put more shame into this third world country.

  2. chiclah, again, my condolences.
    but yes, i hope it’s not a terrorist attack. unfortunately it will take some time to figure out what exactly was the cause of this explosion.

  3. Triscuit Wheatsworth III

    Damn! All that damage is from gas and almost 100+ people killed/injured? I don’t know, that looks like some major damage.
    And I actually kind of like Glorietta; that Chinese restaurant there has a good hotpot, it has a CB&TL, and they’ve got T LeClerc at their Rustans.
    Usually all the crap the US State Dept. puts out is overkill, but times like this make really make you think. This really freaks me out.LOL at the gawkers, if something just blew up I’d totes be running like hell AWAY from it, not to it!
    I hope its not terrorism.

  4. i dont think the lpg caused the explosion. lpg are relatively safe. it doesnt explode that much like what happened in G2. how the heck lpgs are used in homes if it could cause that much damage.
    those containers are actually VERY strong and if it did explode it wouldnt cause so much damage.

  5. well, i think LPG tanks that are being used by restos are not like the ones we use at our homes. these are the tall tanks and usually they are placed together so the LPG theory might be true. If not, I hope the ones who are responsible for keeping the peace and order in our country will be brave to admit that they’re security measures (talk about guards who just point their wands inside of your bag and if asked how does a bomb look like, they DONT KNOW) is not enough and not insist that it was from LPG to keep the county’s economical status from slipping.

  6. Anonymous

    It was terrorist attack.
    Its not like ” Oh I was cooking and then boom
    9 people killed 113 injured”
    IT was A BOMB!!!

  7. as answered kanina sa tv, definitely hindi yun caused by a gas tank. una, centralized ang gas sa mall. it was caused by a bomb implanted there sa isa sa mga docks ng tenants ng ayala land, but not sa loob mismo ng premises.

  8. borrowed ur pics for my blog :)
    yah, my mom cudnt stop thinking that we were so close to danger! it was my sister’s bday yesterday and we were planning on going there! bait ni lord!! ^_^ buti nalng hindi pa kami nakakaalis ng bahay T_T

  9. I thought about you when I heard about it..what a tragedy!! They are saying it was a “high-grade bomb!”
    This world is seriously fucked up!!
    At least you weren’t hurt, and will hopefully be enjoying huge fat uncut cock soon!!

  10. siento una gran tristeza por lo ocurrido ,glorietta mall era uno de mis lugares preferidos ,no se si alguien entendera mi mensaje pero bueno de todas formas lo escribo , se que el senor ayala entiende el lenguaje espanol ,y por ese motivo pienso que aunque sean pocos ,quizas todavia queden filipinos que entiendan espanol,bueno espero que todo se resuelva de la mejor manera y que kos culpables no queden impunes

  11. My bestfriend and I were there when it happened! We were at glorietta 3 that time, in front of Mcdo. We heard the explosion and I immediately saw smoke and debris coming from the second floor. We were frantically running, good thing we were able to reach the exit as fast as we can. What a traumatic experience. I pray for the innocent people who died.

  12. dont stay at GILARMI it is unsafe (building) and also there’s a lot of theft going on! Administration supports staff stealing from their guests.

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