Glorietta 2 Bombing Update

Written By bryanboy

Glorietta 2 Bombing Update

I’m sure you guys know that I hate blogging about third world issues and crap. I promise, after this entry at least, that I won’t blog anything anymore related to the recent Glorietta 2 mall bombing here in Manila. I hate littering my homepage with unnecessary clutter but this whole thing is serious freakyshiat. My instincts were right — there is NO way a gas tank destroyed that part of the mall. The authorities found evidence of government/military-grade explosives hence the bombing was no accident — it was deliberate. I’m 104% sure it’s the government who is responsible for such atrocity considering the current administration is embroiled in far too many scandals. Money. Power. Greed. Corruption. Just another day in viva third world. These politicians have no shame whatsoever and they’re gonna do anything and everything they can to divert the public’s attention somewhere else, even at the cost of innocent lives. SHAME ON YOU MOTHER FUCKERS, SHAME ON YOU.

I’m fed up of crap like this. There is only one solution my fellow countrymen.


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  1. This is crazy shit. There was a bombing in Iligan yesterday, and I heard there was a fire in G4 food court earlier. Googling it after this to confirm.

  2. I highly doubt GMA is willing to throw away all the investors she worked hard to attract and the rising economy just to cover up her political mess she’s gotten herself into. So we shouldn’t be assuming that this is all a conspiracy.
    Yea we all know GMA’s actions have been questionable in the past, but we all know she’s not this stupid.
    But yes, I’d take the bryanboy administration over the past to presidents combined. Think of how pretty our country would be.
    Thank god no one i knew was in there. My mom was on her way to Glorietta when it happened O_o.

  3. Triscuit Wheatsworth III

    This is weird, I wonder who they’ll eventually blame for this. As if anyone could believe a gas tank would do that.
    And to think, they have giant German Shepherds and over buffed men w/ AK 47s at the mall and no one noticed? Odd.

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