From London with Love

OK. Duties and taxes (about £75 or $150) killed me but it’s totally worth it. The booties are probably gonna be a bajilion bucks more expensive if bought in-store in the third world but for the life of god, will the Marc Jacobs Collection boutique in the third world please open already?

Marc Jacobs Box

My little obsession baby arrived today. THIS IS WAY BETTER THAN SEX. I’M HAPPY NOW. I don’t need cock anymore. For real. At least for the next… month. Hahaha! Click click click!

This is the fashion-obsessed equivalent of a mail order bride.

Delivered via DHL.

Net a Porter Box

Hot sex wrapped in tissue paper…

Net a Porter Packaging

Open the box already!

Marc Jacobs Box

Is the service fast or what? You know, I was totally expecting my shoes to arrive next week because of my previous experience with customs but my Net-a-Porter box arrived today — less than 3 days from my order. Are they speedy or what? You have to hand it out to Natalie Massenet and her team.

Marc Jacobs Shoebox

Surprise surprise!

Ooh la love.

The first thing that popped out of my head was: "OMG. IT’S NOT WHITE. IT’S EGGSHELL!"

Marc Jacobs Booties

That’s fine though. I would’ve bought it anyway even if they wrote the correct colour there. It’s just odd to expect something and then get something else but it’s totally ok.

I literally just got out of the shower so my feet are wet (y’all know I hate feet) so I was like ohh no I don’t want to ruin my new pristine shoes. I have to try them on anyway. I. JUST. HAVE. TO.

Voila! Perfection.

Ignore my fugly feet. I’ve said it before soo many times that I hate my feet so whatever.

Marc Jacobs Boots

Marc Jacobs is love.

Now I’m gonna see if the black one is available in my size. I have to admit it’s a little, just a wee bit large, but it’s ok. I guess I’m used to wearing shoes that are wayy too tight (that’s what you get from
buying women’s size 9 shoes but in reality you’re a 10 haha).

It’s raining here like mad and there is absolutely NO way I’m gonna wear this outside.

How I’m gonna keep the booties in pristine, flawless condition is my next problem. I’m a dirt, grime and dust magnet who likes her things crappy.

As Carine Roitfeld once said:

"You have to not care. The more expensive something is, the more recklessly you have to wear it."