Faggotry in Motion #18: South Carolina Represent!

Written By bryanboy

Faggotry in Motion #18: South Carolina Represent!

BRYANBOY IN PIGTAILS! Well.. that’s a first. LOL. Anyway, like what I said, this has got to be the most hilarious (at least to me) video I ever made. Even funnier than my Mrs. Granny Bee video. BE SURE TO SET THE VOLUME HIGH cause the voice on the vid (past the music) ain’t that loud.

There are only two ways to unleash your inner ghetto fabulouzzzz best when it’s 3 o’clock on a Monday morning: bake yourself in a huge oven, or, cover yourself in black eyeshadow like I did. This video is dedicated to that amazing Columbia, South Carolina entity who left me the most hilarious voicemail message I have EVER, EVER, EVER received in my entire life.

I’m telling you guys, I believe in reincarnation and in my next life, I’m gonna be a gorgeous Somalian princess. Mark my words. Repeat after me: Mike will hook you up boy, hook you up!


  1. Bryanboy, I’m fan and I love your blog, but as a black female I should tell you dressing in black face is never funny, but always a little racist

  2. hi Elle,
    um, i’m probably the least racist person that i know of and i’m not sure what you meant by me being a little racist.
    um if i don’t colour myself with black eyeshadow it beats the purpose of me doing the video with the voicemail message!! it’s like i mean, i’m like asian and the voice won’t match, you know what i mean?????

  3. I can understand the voice not matching and i’ve never seen the film white chicks. I don’t think you’re racist, I actually enjoyed your piece on black designers. I understand you dress us as people of many different races on many occasions, but its my gut reaction to seeing a person in black face is to find it demeening.The act as many negative connotations esp in american history.

  4. OMG I was in tears! Hilarious!!!!
    Blackface was a completely backwards racist form of entertainment meant to belittle black people. One look at Bryanboy’s video in comparison to blackface comedy shows that it is so NOT anything like that.
    BB isn’t making this video to make fun of how black people look or act, he’s just dressed as a caricature (just as a drag queen is a caricature of a woman) for a bit of fun. In fact i’d say this entire video is a homage to the absolute fierceness of this South Carolina entity. I want her to be my best friend and call me every hour!

  5. I apologize if you found my video offensive but being racist is not my intention, but yes, you are correct, dressing up to me is a form of expression and fun but again, it’s not my intention to offend anyone.
    when you said you find it demeaning to see other black people when you’re of black origin yourself well isn’t that um, weird????
    white chicks the movie = shawn and marlon wayans dressed as white chicks
    Click here.

  6. ildrich

    that was a motha-fuckin man…. shiiiiiiiyet. i coulda did a betta job ackin’ like a black ghetto-fab biatch!

  7. JcMercahny

    I love it!!!! Super funny…I died…We all DIED!!! ahahahahaha!!!!!
    Can’t wait for the next one!!!!

  8. I know what your intentions were…but I hope that no other African-American blogger that reads your blogs sees this… but as an African-American, I have to let you know,they may take it out of context…Good Luck…

  9. Brian….I hope you know that that was a gay man speaking on the phone…That was no southern girl…LOL!!!

  10. Bryan,
    Elle said that seeing a person in “black face” is what she finds demeaning, not seeing other black people.
    There’s no clear cut way to judge this – on one hand, you’re funny as hell, not cos you’re painted black, but because of your behaviour and expressions mostly.
    But on the other hand, I doubt any race would find it very funny if say another race were to parody them.
    Just check out the lashback Teri Hatcher got for making that statement on medical schools of the Philippines in DH.
    We’re all a little sensitive, so when others are a little more bold, its natural to feel defensive.

  11. Valentina

    OMG I DIED !!!!!!!!!!! bryanboy why don’t you tell these americans that you felt offended by that hag on desperate housewives demeaning people from the phillippines !!!!! Ha Ha and also I wanna get one of those HERPÉS bags !!! haha LoL !!!

  12. I think you have to take this video in the spirit in which it was made – it’s supposed to be funny!
    If bitch dressed up as a white girl I’d be more than happy to laugh at myself, don’t stress. There’s no racist intentions behind this, so we shouldn’t try to interpret it that way.
    I’m crossing my fingers for an Anna Wintour some time soon.

  13. whitewhore

    My god, you blacks always have issues about everything. Get over yourselves, puhleeeeeeez, the world does not revolve around u guys. Asians, Arabs and a lot of other minorities and nationalities are made fun off by blacks – especially by black wannabe comedians who think making direct verbal insulting comments on such – and even religion are funny, but you don’t see them making a big hooplah about it. So just shut up will you. Let he who has not sinned cast the first stone.

  14. lisalisa

    hilarious yes…but black eyeshadow to imitate a black “entity”? why not brown makeup?
    when you did your paris hilton mugshot u made sure to look pretty.
    for this video u just want to look ugly. interesting….

  15. love it BB! by the way, what was the title of the background music. let me know–it is ear candy to me. thanks.

  16. lisalisa

    next time u pretend to be black…please please please make her pretty, thats all i care about. yes, im shallow like that.
    at least with ‘white chicks’ they made some effort to ‘pretty’ them up a bit. maybe thats why my white girlfriends never complained about it, haha.

  17. reality bites

    I have seen many ugly black men, women, gays, babies – and if you thought those 2 white chicks were pretty, well you clearly have poor eyesight.
    You go BB! Ignore these blackies, they’re the only one who have a problem with it, AS USUAL.

  18. Big Black

    Elle girl !!
    Just get over yourself please .
    Thank you very much
    Bryan boy that video was fucking bomb !!
    I loved it

  19. friend of bill

    Dear BB,
    if you really have no idea why this is offensive, other than being ignorant of history, that’s a good thing. i’m sure you didn’t intend to be demeaning or racist, but dressing up in black face has a long racist, bigotted, and hateful history in the US. people who are the butt of the joke can get away with it.
    it’s too bad people are so sensitive, but when there is still so much hate and unfairness in the world, can you blame them?

  20. Geez FOB, you have high expectations of everyone NOT american. We NON americans do not know all details of your “black” history. Stop being such a cry baby. Grow some hide will you and start behaving like an adult who can think, shrug shoulders, and move on… and not just wail.

  21. Oowee Vitton? Elle owe elle!
    Anyway, Bryan, I hope those black people better not come here in the third world come January when people paint all their bodies black to celebrate Ati-Atihan, Dinagyang, and Sinulog.

  22. Sam Divine

    Bryan, you are my nga… both literally as in this vid, and proverbially.
    You make me gay.

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