Faggotry in Motion #19: Perez Hilton

Written By bryanboy

Faggotry in Motion #19: Perez Hilton

Guess who dropped by at my 24-hour voicemail line? It’s the queen of all media, Perez Hilton!

What do *YOU* think?

Update: 11:06AM – I am getting tons of emails saying "that is not Peepee’s voice. WELL, that IS his voice. Check out the comments on my recent YouTube videos. Also, Perez emailed me saying he left me a voicemail message so go figure. Ask him if you must. Get over it.


  1. Boy you r one crazy motherf*cker !! Lol and that’s why we love u .
    keep’em comin’ .

  2. Hi. Out of topic but I have just been re-directed to a porn site while browsing. Just so you know. Love your blog.

  3. fantastic & your outfits are lovely as always :) what is the ending theme called? it’s absolutely danceable.

  4. Friend of bill

    BB – All four of my pussies are wet. Did you know that USA Today published the results of a national poll which declares Bryan Boy the Favorite Fag, third world or not, in America? IN AMERICA! In fucking America. In fucking BUMFUCK America.
    BTW – The new video is fab!!!
    FOB, citzen of Planet Earth

  5. Youre oh so fabulous Bryan! You always find ways to make us laugh! No wonder why Perez luvs you =)

  6. Christofu

    I want to see more of you in the thong!
    Also, I was redirected to a straight porn site while trying to comment. Eeeew it was women sucking cock. As is they knew how! LOL

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