Don't mess with me Rachel Zoe.

Written By bryanboy

Don’t mess with me Rachel Zoe.

It rhymes, no? Someone call Henry Holland quick! Ask him to make a t-shirt for Rachel.

Rachel Zoe

Who’s more influential now, Rachel? You really, really, really need to stop taking them drugs.

Team Anna forever!


  1. Rachel Zoe is so five minutes ago.
    Btw, love your Anna Wintour tribute!!! (Although that wig reminds me of the Asian bowl haircut.) lol

  2. stephanie

    I thought you didn’t pronounce the “e” in her name, like Rachel Zo…. Wasn’t chupa on Top Model and they introduced her as such??

  3. That getup made me giggle like crazy..its like a twinked dick tracy =P.

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