Chanel's Quilted Ankle Monitors

Written By bryanboy

Chanel’s Quilted Ankle Monitors

There is no such thing as a price drop when it comes to Chanel classic quilted bags. Investment pieces indeed — there is always a price increase year after year after year. For those of you cannot afford to spend a couple of grand on a new 2.55 comes a new cool mini "ankle monitoring" version which serves as an entry-level piece to House that Coco built. Chanel is smart. Very, very smart, no?

Chanel ankle bags

Japanese kids are gonna go ape-crazy on this sort of shit and good ol’ Gabrielle Chanel must be rolling in her grave right now. Click click click!

One of the things I love most about Karl is his brilliant ability to use what is soo now and make a timeless version for the future.

Like Lindsay Lohan’s ankle monitoring device for instance.

Lindsay Lohan scram ankle monitor


Chanel Spring/Summer 2008

Chanel Spring/Summer 2008

Chanel Spring/Summer 2008

Chanel Spring/Summer 2008

It comes in various colours and materials… lambskin, patent leather, etc.

Chanel ankle bags

Chanel ankle bags

A reflection of our times eh? Well… what do you think?

Chic or no? Gut instinct says those little ankle bags are gonna run anywhere between $700 – US$1,000 apiece.


  1. Checho!

    I was going to say the same thing when i saw this…
    Bryan, just two words: “Lindsay Lohan”
    & it my be true! it’s well known that Karl got very inspired by Lindsay to shoot ads. with Irina L. whom has been photographed having lunch with Lindsay & in some Chanel events…like the Chanel Paris-NY…

  2. gossipgirl

    snejana has the ugliest legs. her thigs are way thinner than her calves, ugh, someone photoshop that woman.

  3. i thinks snejana onopka’s calves only grew from walking in sky-high heels all the time. they prolly weren’t THAT big when she started out

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