Caption This

So basically, this entity (pictured below) thinks of my new hair:

"girl, (you) look like a baklang call center with that cut and highlights.  not that there’s anything wrong with being a call center agent (please guys don’t protest; I’m not Teri).  it’s just that they have this certain look, the gay call center agents… you look like one of them now."

I thought, "oh ok. baklang matapobre!"

Click click click!

There was a link to his page and I found his photo.

And then I thought (again), "oh ok."

Actually, erase that. I thought, "Waiter, ang bill ko, nasaan?" or "Julalay is that chu? Boy pakisundo nga si Fe sa labas, please?"

Followed by "No offense to waiters, of course. Please guys don’t protest; I’m not Malu."