Caption This

God. OK. I’ll be honest. Some of you people are sooo mean y’all make Regina George look like a nun. Insane! I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at the comments you left on one of my posts and I do somewhat feel bad how y”all swallowed the poor kid alive. Good thing he’s a good sport. In any case, he is so yesterday, OVAH I tell you, O. VAH., so let’s move on shall we? Now caption this. Someone sent that to me on yahoo messenger.

Click click click!

I still have emotional scars. Scars. Big ones. Big! Huge! Big scars!

It really does make you think, no? If festively plump people get
cock and balls whereas slim and slender ones like me don’t, what sort
of message does it send to you? I’m an asshole?

Thank god for my Marc Jacobs shoes. Now I want those black Yves Saint Laurent boots. NOW! I want them now!