Bryanboy Radio: Karl Lagerfeld Spring 2008

Sing after me: I like them black boys. I like them white boys. I like them Asian boys. I like them mixed race boys. I even like those scrawny scottish into pop music, but not like, sorta like pop dance electro music. Now baby. I’ve got a lot of love to give. And i’ve been over… over-subscribed with relationships. See you’ve got… a little thing i haven’t seen before. But i must warn ya… that i can’t help but play around for sure, for sure. Because… I got all the boys, I’ve got all the boys. I’ve got all the boys, I’ve got all the boys.

OK. I love Karl Lagerfeld’s spring 2008 runway soundtrack more than anyone else so far — I’m still waiting for my internet friends to send me Lanvin. Anyhoo, let’s get onto the goods. LCD Soundsystem is a classic/old Karl fave whereas I’m quite surprised Karl used Dragonette. I *LOVE* Dragonette!!! Uncle Karl never ceases to amaze me. You can listen to the full Karl Lagerfeld runway soundtrack by clicking the graphic below. A new window should pop up, this way you can listen to the soundtrack as you browse around my site.



  • LCD Soundsystem – Get Innocuous!
  • Dragonette – The Boys *** BEST TRACK EVER! ***
  • Soho Dolls – Prince Harry

Dragonette is one of my faves… here’s the full, uncut version of the their track "The Boys".

PS. Get innocuous! You can’t normalize, don’t it make you feel alive?

PPSS. Hot dog, god damn, mmm look at him!