Bowler Derby Hats: Obsession du Jour

Written By bryanboy

Bowler Derby Hats: Obsession du Jour

Sing after me: I’m an alien. I’m a legal alien. I’m an Englishman in Nuuuu Yawwwwk. After watching the spring/summer 2008 Christian Dior show, I cannot get enough of these bowler derby whatever hats.

Christian Dior Hats Spring/Summer 2008
Photo credit: TFS/Catwalking

Click click click!

I’m sure Sienna Miller, Agyness Deyn and one of them Olsen twins have worn these at one point but whatevs. I had to get one so I did. Two, in fact — one in red and one in black. I want white as well but I
couldn’t find one on eBay. The hats I got are $29.99 a pop (size large). Overall I paid $81.55 for both hats (shipping to the third world included) so it’s not bad. Hopefully I’ll get them within the next few weeks… and hopefully, the featherette thing on the side of the hat is detachable. They’re sooo chica, no?

Bowler Derby Hat

Bowler Derby Hat
Bowler Derby Hat

Photo credit: eBay

I’m amazed how the seller replied to my questions almost within seconds after emailing them. I’m not joking! I even got a $3.99 discount. Not bad eh? Don’t you all love a good sale? LOL. Anyway, costume/vintage-style hats are extremely hard to find, if not nonexistent, in the Philippines… in fact, finding "decent" hats are
hard to find here. or maybe, just maybe, I don’t look hard enough. In any case, I have no time nor patience so thank god for eBay.

Well, what do you think? Good buy… or good bye?


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