Angry at Adbrite

Written By bryanboy

Angry at Adbrite

I’m pissed. It has come to my attention that one of the ad networks I belong to serve adult ads on my site WITHOUT my knowledge and approval. I thought it was just a fluke on some of my readers’ computers but I got a few complaints already. I emailed Adbrite like five or six times in the past 2 weeks, telling them I have young people (and office workers) reading my blog and I am NOT pleased at all with whatever it is they are doing. Getting a reply from them is like trying to make orange juice out of apples. Heck, I don’t even post naked pictures and if I do, it’s either life or death (like Michael Biserta’s video… and it’s not hosted on my server) or I cover people’s bits up.

If you continue to receive interstitial ads (or a page redirect) to an adult site please let me know and I won’t stop forwarding them the complaints I’m getting. I’m not too happy about this either. I apologize for emotionally-scarring you and I promise I’ll get to the bottom of this. Trust me. Do you really think I want to see dick, nuts and vajayjay on my homepage? Do you really think I want *YOU* to see dick, nuts and vajayjay on my homepage? Thanks but no thanks. We’re all soFEESticated laydees here. Give me a new featherette Lanvin dress over some American jock’s scrotum any day.

Lanvin Spring/Summer 2008


  1. me and my friends found that redirecting to porn/offensive ads very annoying, but didn’t know u were clueless about it. when he chose to “SKIP THIS AD” the word “RUDE” would flash before us. We get redirected to ur site all the time, but half of the time there would be an error and we can’t scroll anymore. So we have to refresh and start over.
    …just to let you know.
    but we still luv ya!

  2. I got forwarded to adult sites several times, but I thought it was what you intended so I didn’t complain. I think that some of your readers thought that was “normal,” too, so they didn’t complain, like me.
    I still love you.

  3. juv_tess

    there this annoying that happens when i’m reading your entry.. my mouse is not even pointed at anything but i get directed to an ad.. it really annoys me especially when i’m reading on the middle of it.. kakabitin!

  4. Hey this happened to me. I suspect the reason is you’re gay. Adbrite equates gay with porn site.
    I posted an article about how the Supreme Court had refused to hear the case of the idiot who wanted to deny the Dykes on Bikes a patent.
    In the article was one pic of a biker dyke with her leather jacket unbottoned and a boob showing, but nipple covered with a pastie. Usually so long as the areola is covered the morality police is quite pleased to be able to get an eye full of the rest.
    But not ten minutes after I posted in came an email that my blog, which is primarily just political and entertainment stuff, and only about 20% queer or Lebanese, was designated as a porn site and I would start getting adverts from their sister porn server.
    Like you I don’t want porn on my site so deleted the code.
    The funny thing is that adsense, who everyone complains about, has actively been trying to get me to come back, but these upstarts are offended.
    It might be because it appeared the reivew came from some out sourced guy in the Philli0ines–maybe he is some kind of morally righteous al-Quieda operative.
    Another possibility is that I read, through some type of financial wrangling Adbrites’s porn service lost a lot of their business to some other online smut dealer–so they may be anxious to convert web sites to the sleaze wing of their operation.
    If you would like to see the post I am talking about it is at

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