Yearning for Yellow

Written By bryanboy

Yearning for Yellow

Look at what I found on Jezebel just now.

David Blaine
Photo via BestWeekEver

I love it! I fucking love it! Why have I *not* thought of that? It’s about TIME more and morepeople embrace sissyfication!

I swear to god I am *so* gonna make a little online faggotry school. For realz.

Sissyfication for the mother fucking win!


  1. Invisiblemoose

    That bag! That bag that bag! Where the hell is that from??? I need one, I really really need one of those bags! xx

  2. That bag is vintage(!) and Bryan this is just for you that’s my friend Kentarro Poteliakhoff and he’s Isabella Blow’s ex assistant his e-mail address is ***EDITED*** and you should hook up with him x

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