Word of the day: BUWISIT

Written By bryanboy

Word of the day: BUWISIT

Buwisit (prounounced as boo-we-set) is something that you say to any entity who ruins your day week. You may also use that word to describe someone who is incompetent, someone who can’t read what’s on his or her screen properly, someone who can’t give you a straightforward answer, someone who fumbles around as they try to make excuse after excuse to hide the fact that they are CLUELESS.


Buwisit also applies to companies whose "customer service" departments consist of nothing but glorified note-jotters or message-takers. You know what I mean — you call them up, they take a note of it and "customer service" ends there. Ask them a question and listen to them spit a litany of varying lies and excuses. Customer service reps in this shithole are NOT trained to resolve problems — they are trained to take notes! Can you believe they require 4-year college degrees to be employed for that sort of shit? I bet you my fat brown ass even my bitch of a dog can do a better job than these bottom-feeders. Ask my dog why he’s grumpy and what’s wrong and he would lead me to the kitchen where we keep dog food! I won’t take it personal against the staff because that’s how they were trained. Blame the company!

I don’t know about you but tell me, what’s the acceptable lead time for a blue-chip telecommunications firm (with a vast amount of resources) to have a problem investigated? 24-48 hours? 3-5 days or a mind-blowing 9 days?

I just got back from a not-so-productive last- minute meeting (yes, on a Sunday!!! and you guys know how much I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE "meetings") where I was required to bring my laptop and guess what: my
oh-so-adorable"internet connection anywhere" failed me again! What a waste this HSDPA/3G crock of shite.  I had to excuse myself for a good half-hour to find a god damn wi-fi card in the area. I’ve been having internet problems since Wednesday night — I thought maybe, just maybe, my problem is isolated and limited to my residence. Lo and behold I experienced the same problem about 10 miles from me — in Greenbelt of all places. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes, it’s unreliable.

Repeat after me: Buwisit.

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