White Eye Make-up

Written By bryanboy

White Eye Make-up

EVERYONE on the internet has gone mad for white eye-makeup, from white eyeliners to white eyelashes. I really want to achieve the Erin Fetherston white eyelashes look but I also love what James Kaliardos did for Rodarte. I thought that was SOO beautiful. Anyhoo, I spent a good half hour looking for white Mascara at the usual suspects, Sephora etc. but no one seems to carry it. Guess where I found white Mascara? At a GOTH online shop, no less! It’s funny cause the last time I bought something from a goth shop was back when I was 14 when I had a silly goth phase that lasted for a couple of months. I swear to god, half my shit came from Hot Topic. Oh the memories!

Erin Fetherston Spring 2008 Makeup
James Kaliardos for Rodarte Spring 2008 Makeup
Photo credits: TFS (Erin Fetherston), JD Ferguson/V Magazine (Rodarte)

Anyway, I found this thing called "Bloody Mary’s White Mascara".

WhitemascaraAt $9.95, it’s cheap no? I also tried to look for white eyeliners and the gals over at I AM Fashion are obsessed not too long ago with Shu Uemura’s eye light pencil in white. The gals couldn’t find any stockists in London — sold out! I tried to call MY local Shu and they’re gone off the shelves as well. What they have in the store is this thing called "drawing pencils". It’s funny how they’re US$18 on the Shu Uemura USA website but here in the third world it’s like PHP1,375 which is about US$29!!! I always thought cosmetics are cheaper in the third world… I guess I was wrong. But then again, I don’t really buy cosmetics often let alone wear eye makeup. I think I’ll pop by the shop later this week.


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  1. Or you can buy mascara that has two parts, there is a white coat that you put on to lengthen and a black to cover the white coat. I think Bourjois do this type of mascara…So just wear the white coat without the black so you’ll have pretty white lashes. Love you Bryan Boy xkissesx

  2. helsinkicityboy

    Omg! The girl on left with blue eye shadow is Suvi Koponen – a Finnish model who won Finland´s Next Top Model Show. Love her Prada pics.

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