Wallpaper* Magazine is gagging for website hits

Written By bryanboy

Wallpaper* Magazine is gagging for website hits

Wallpaper*, believe it or not, used to be my bible. One of the reasons why I went to Iceland many, many, many years ago is because of Wallpaper*. I saw this fantastic article with pictures of the Blue Lagoon and all these gorgeous Scandinavian people so I went to the travel agent one day, booked some plane tickets and went to Reykjavik, just like that. Everything in Wallpaper* is plastic fantastic – the people and all the things that grace the pages of the magazine look soo good and flawless to the point where it’s wayyyy too good to be true. Remember those Hed Kandi whatever illustrations? And remember how Tyler Brule got out, started his own thing, blah blah blah Swiss Airlines relaunch blah blah blah? I’ve witnessed it all. God I’m so old it’s not even funny anymore. Bottom-line is, like American Vogue, I got tired of Wallpaper*, my taste level went down the drain and I got an Us Weekly subscription instead. I love Us Weekly. They really should get me a job there. When you think about it, why should I kid myself when clearly I was made for the k-mart class?

Wallpaper* Magazine

Imagine the surprise when I saw this earlier today.

Wallpaper.com launches fashion week section
by Charlie McCathie Brand Republic 03-Sep-07, 11:15

LONDON – Wallpaper, the design magazine, is launching a Fashion Week section on its website, to boost traffic during the September fashion shows in New York, Paris, Milan and London.

The wallpaper.com fashion week coverage will go live on September 5 and will run until October 8. The dedicated section on the website will feature around the clock reports…

Wallpaper* and round the clock fashion week coverage? Hmm. Visit www.wallpaper.com over the next few weeks to see what they’re up to.


  1. carlos celdran

    Yeah, I remember helping them out on their feature on Manila when they were hot, hot, hot.
    But it was hard to keep all that plastic fantastic sustainable. And management changed. And just like that formerly uber hip magazine Details, Wallpaper just lost it when they were bought out.
    Nevertheless, even though it was a great moment in time I don’t think the magazine will reclaim the high degree of incredible fabulousness it once had.

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