V A Model!

Written By bryanboy

V A Model!

Laydeeeeessss! It’s time to ditch those damn carbs and get on a water fast stat! V Magazine and Supreme Model Management, home to my fave Rachel Clark, is running a fabulous model search. The prize? A 3-year, $150,000 modeling contract, a fantastic Calvin Klein wardrobe and of course, a 4-page spread on my favourite mag rag, V Magazine! That’s better than getting a 30-page spread in Us Weekly! Click here for more information. I think it’s fucking fabulous — go check it out. You’ll see some of the contestants there and y’all can vote for me your favourite girl.

V Magazine

Here’s the fun part:

You can also have a hand in selecting a winner—the V A Model! Users Choice winner will be chosen by the users of vmagazine.com. The V A Model! Users Choice winner will be the star of her own vmagazine.com fashion story. Vote every day for your favorite and see who comes out on top!

I don’t mind being Users Choice. That’s just as good as being Miss Congeniality! You know, I’ve ALWAYS wanted to be the star of my own fashion story. Think about it — lights, camera, makeup, all those fabulous clothes you get to play with for hours and hours, Dom Bom and Bolli Stolli served during photo shoots, hot, sweaty well-hung photographer assistants etc. If you’re lucky enough, you can also pull a Lindsay or a Britney, channel your inner klepto and steal samples like Verdura or Graff jewelry!

It’s heaven I’m telling you, heaven! A million prepubescent drag queens would kill for this job. I would totally join the contest. Afterall, I’m 5’9 5’10, I have fabulous long hair, fantastic bone structure and a 20-inch waist. The only thing I need at this point is a vajayjay… ok, maybe a chin job and a 10 pound weight loss but whatever. Deadline ends on November 1, 2007 so there’s time for me to fly over to Bangkok and get my manhood chopped off. But for those of you blessed with supremely good looks (be sure to check the rules first) don’t wait for me because I’m delusional. Join now and knock em dead!

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