Toni Maticevski Spring/Summer 2008

Written By bryanboy

Toni Maticevski Spring/Summer 2008

I ***LOVE*** the first 2 dresses. Ok, I LOOOOVE the 2nd dress. I’ve seen three collections so far and there’s lots of gold. Gold, gold, gold!

Toni Maticevski Spring/Summer 2008

Fashion is definitely a good reflection of our society, no? The demand and prices of luxury goods are at an all-time high and everyone (except me) is making so much wealth these days! Don’t believe it when they put the rising cost of fashion blame on taxes, currency exchange, cost of materials etc. They’re all lies! The REAL reason why high fashion is so expensive these days is because:

a) people are making so much money even my ex-maid Eunice got herself a Louis Vuitton for her birthday.
b)  the big conglomerates made designer labels way too accessible
c) they want to bring exclusivity back!

7 years ago, you can buy a fantastic wool + cashmere Louis Vuitton coat for $800. EIGHT HUNDRED DOLLARS. Have you seen the wool coat Proenza Schouler sent to open their show for fall 2007? $12,000. Yep. Twelve thousand donald duck dollars!

God it’s amazing what I’m able to pull out of my ass, no?


  1. I’m sorry BB but it’s atrocious. It’s not just the style but the Barbie-like quality of the hair – it looks like they ripped that shit right off poor Remy’s head and quickly glued it onto the head of a model. Maybe they’re going for some kind of irony I can’t fathom. Maybe.

  2. OH
    i thought you were talking about the dress on the middle/fringes.
    i forgot to check the link you gave me.
    either way, i still like them blond fringes. i think it’s cute =)

  3. Omg I love Toni Maticevski. You should see his exhibition down here in Aussie-land at the museum. I want to just break in and steal all the dresses.

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