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Oh my god. Oh my fucking god. I love Tinsley Mortimer. I really do. I think she’s one of the most fabulous, fantastic socialites out there, that’s why I keep tabs (well, sometimes) of what she is wearing. Gimme Tinsley any time of the day compared to third world socials. LOL. Anyhoo, the first batch of fashion week photos are pouring in. You see, Tinsley Mortimer went to the Glamour Magazine party last night, September 4th, wearing this.

Tinsley Mortimer

I thought I saw that dress somewhere. Lo and behold I saw these photos of her in JAPAN or some ching chong chingaloo super kawaii Asian country ages ago.

Tinsley Mortimer

Tinsley Mortimer

What what what?

Isn’t that sort of shit, you know, repeating clothes, illegal? Is there a SEVERE shortage of dresses in New York these days? Mortals like me live vicariously through NYC socials…

Anyway. I still love you Tinsley. I think you’re AMAZING. This blip, too, shall pass.


  1. antonio g

    I love tinsley too, but honsetly, i would let this pass, if she wore another belt or add little oopmh to it, but she pratically wore the same thing. le pissed!

  2. Tinsley Mortimer – boring!!! Give me an booster shot of Paris before i doze off from this dress.

  3. 2nd and 3rd photos are from Japan. Beside her is last year’s Miss Universe 1st RU Kurara Chibana.

  4. tinsleys’ blogging this week for Glamour! which im sure is totally ghost-written ha ha.
    In her first blog entry, Tinsley semi-non-apologizes for wearing the same dress twice and declares an entire season to be “over.”

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