I’m telling you… those Chelsea queens are non-gay entities! They should be ashamed of themselves for even knowing what a pussy smells like.  My favourite drag queens from Jezebel bought this perfume from Germany named "Vulva" which basically is the scent of a vagina in a bottle. They went to Chelsea in Nu Yawk, did a scent test amongst hairy fat queens and all of them (except the straight one) preferred Britney Spears’ new perfume over "Vulva".


How on earth do these "gays" know what a pussy smells like? I don’t know about you but if you were to ask me, ass is worse than pussy because ass smells like shit. That’s why I’m a bottom.

You know what’s even nastier? These hairy Chelsea fake gays probably like to rim hairy ass that is unwashed — we know Americans don’t wash their poop chutes after taking a poo. THINK OF THE DANGLEBERRIES!

Team Vulva!

I *love* Jezebel. It’s my new obsession du jour.
PPSS. Why are there no beautiful, thin, smooth, young, pretty gay things like me in that video? Isn’t that a bit, erm, disturbing? They’re all hairy and large and festively plump. I’m telling you.. sissies like me are endangered species!!! Someone start a SAVE THE SISSIES MOVEMENT STAT!