The hair, the horse and the hound.

Written By bryanboy

The hair, the horse and the hound.

I left my camera at home and I’m too lazy to put some effort. I want to be low-maintenance for a change: simple basic top, shorts, flip flops, ditch the maquillage other than a teeny, tiny coat of clear lip gloss. And the result? NOT A PRETTY SIGHT.


Isn’t it funny how trying to look effortless is the hardest thing on earth? So effortless I should’ve worn a plain white tee instead — the fact that I forgot to do that means I didn’t put an effort at all. LOL. Click click click for more hair pics!

My hair is killing me! It took me a good 7-8 months to grow my hair THIS long. I want to get a haircut but the thought of parting away with my ebony locks, which, at this point, is practically a body part, is making me sad.

I want to get a haircut.

I really do.

But I now have this weird attachment with my long hair.

Am I making sense?




Alien much?



This is me with short hair.

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Long or short?


  1. hey bryan.. been reading ur blog forever, but i’ve only decided to leave a comment now. so here it goes…..
    for the LOVE OF MERMAIDS, bring sexciBACK. chop IT! i think you looked hott with short hair.
    *bow* i thankYou.

  2. You look poor with long hair, I mean, your hair is soo weird, It was fun before but now it’s not, you hair looks wasted.
    I think it’s time to cut it baby boy, you look younger with short hair, like a lesbian with anorexia.

  3. some people keep long hair as security, they hide behind it.
    i hide behind short hair….but impeccably styled

  4. when were the pictures of you with short hair taken? i have a feeling that you started the whole man-wearing-cardigan trend. you’re working it so well, that you would actually look like a heterosexual-metrosexual should you have ditched the bag and replaced it with a man bag.
    in my honest opinion, stick to styling yourself in more manly ways, and you really be a trendsetter in the mens fashion industry. afterall, everything that men wear these days is getting more and more feminine.

  5. It’s hard to tell with these casual pics but I think it’d look good long once you’ve styled it, maybe straight and choppy like a razor cut or something? You need to show us some photos when you’ve completely whored yourself up for a night out, then we can judge better!

  6. Orange La Toya Jackson

    Long floppy thick hair and pale skin are the ultimate signs of wealth and privilege; whereas short hair is for scallies, rentboys, neverdowells,porn stars and their friends. It’s the hair equivalent of FAT. You should grow it even longer (don’t be a quitter), wear skinny jeans a vintage 80s jacket and then blowdry it into Cindy C volume so you’ll look like a Who’s The Boss character (Tony Danza’s Asian toyboy or something). Or better even you should try to emulate the first Thorne Forrester aka Clayton Norcross. Damn, he was 80s HOT! That look is completely back.

  7. Keep the long hair.
    Invest on a good quality straightening iron… You’ll look more expensive that way.

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