Team Rachel Clark!

Written By bryanboy

Team Rachel Clark!

Say all you want Mauricio but I think she’s doing great this season. She’s the next great American model.  I’m good when it comes to these things. 35 shows in New York and London (yep, people at TFS counted them!!!) plus a couple more in Milan (and hopefully A HECK OF A LOT more in Paris). We’re soo proud of you Rachel!

Rachel Clark

Mauricio: ugh. I bought a new dietary fiber
Me: you and your lax. i don’t wanna hear it. gross.
Mauricio: and it made me shit water works
Me: GO AWAY!!!!!!!
Mauricio: you know who i like?
Me: who?
Mauricio: lily donaldson
Me: um ok. well i like rachel clark
Mauricio: i didn’t see her in milan
Me: what do you mean? she’s at d&g, she rocked missoni and she opened/closed costume national and she also opened ferragamo.
Mauricio: yeah yeah
Me: anyway, do you think rachel will be in chanel or dior
Mauricio: they only do the big girls for those shows
Me: really?
Mauricio: yeah. rachel needs to buy a maserati italian pimpmobile like snejana
Me: well rachel did dior resort 2008
Mauricio: resort is whatever yawn yawn
Mauricio: my grandma can do resort
Me: whatevs, i hope she’s in for dior rtw. i’m gonna fedex a letter to john galliano.
Me: OMG i love cavalli!!! did you see???
Mauricio: ugh let’s stop talking about fashion please. you’re overloading me. it’s too much, i hate fashion month. i’d rather talk about it after it’s all done
Me: but it’s THAT time of the year!
Mauricio: bryan, we have six months to talk about it. don’t wear me out
Me: um no cause we have haute couture in january
Mauricio: ok three months. stop it
Me: well dont we have menswear in december?
Mauricio: stop it or we’re going to talk about cars, beer or football
Me: we already talked about cars yesterday
Me: if we don’t talk about milan we’re gonna talk about carolina herrera and you hate carolina herrera
Mauricio: well i love the new jeep liberty
Me: well i love phillip lim
Mauricio: my ass lips are chapped
Me: OMG NEXT WADDLE LOOKS GOOD! Look at what I found at some blog…
Mauricio: oh no she did not.


PS. OMG. WHO is the backstage photog who came up to Rachel in Milan? Fess up! Is it the one with chest hair?? JK Hahaha! I won’t stop lobbying for Rachel until she lands a cover somewhere. Or a Dior campaign.

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