Skin White

Written By bryanboy

Skin White

Kris Aquino hydroquinone addict is that chu? I took some photos earlier this afternoon and I’m pale as a ghost. The lighting didn’t help either — it was pretty gray (and rainy) outside. Blah blah beurk! I have some major catching up to do when it comes to self-tanners. Funny how lots of third world folk go to extreme lengths to be pale — glutathione injections and all. I’m NOT KIDDING! Someone told me before that people inject shit in their bodies in order to be white and here I am, well, let’s just say I’m no Kris Aquino skin white but my NATURAL real skin color is quite pale compared to, say, random third world commoners.

Note to self: tan this weekend and get a bloody haircut. It’s about time!


  1. Mas maganda ung mirror kesa sa skin mo! Hahahahaha! Very etnic ang design! Saan ba nabili ung mirror? If I know sa Divisoria! mga cheap doon eh, I also shop there because it’s cheap nga per tignan mo naman ang mirror pwedeng pang-export ang quality!
    Miss U translator pls? Hahahahahaha!
    Good taste BRB!

  2. yes BB u may be naturally pale but your features betray you…ha ha, not quite sure what u really trying to say here but whether your pale or dark and have “ethnic” features you are still beautiful. (its weird tho, u want to get darker with self-tanners but u long for european features)

  3. Me, too!!! I’m white as a ghost!!! Actually, my whole family is. We’re weird Filipinos.
    Its not fashionable in California to be so white, though. I’ve tried tanning with no luck; I’m stuck being white forever. (P.S.- The way you can tell a person is tan out here and not “third world” is the orangey tone of their skin… you know like Posh and Jessica Simpson lol).

  4. IMHO you don’t need to tan (it’s the lighting), or cut your hair..let it grow!!

  5. What do you mean pale ka? I saw you 3 years ago in LV GB4 you had very native/ethnic skin texture and color. Sorry but you looked so mabaho and your boots were dirty and scratched, I even moved to another section cause I did not want to stand beside you.
    I feel fondness, pity and annoyance for you all at the same time.

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