Rihanna is a drag queen!

Written By bryanboy

Rihanna is a drag queen!

Is that really Rihanna with the Canuck gay twins at Dsquared?? Disturbing!!!


The Italians loves Rihanna alright. First at D&G and now Dsquared! I love Rihanna but man she looks larger than life, no?

By large I mean tall!


  1. yea, she’s 5’9. but if she wants to take her “modelling career” seriously she needs to shed some wieght. like a ton of it. jk. maybe 15 pounds or so…she’s kinda thick in the thighs and arms, no?

  2. OMG? Bryan! I thought you’d know things like that! The twins are extremely short, never heard/seen that before? They are too too too too short. Rihanna isn’t the weirdo on that picture, you know.
    Italians love Rihanna… uhm Italians? Dsquared? Right, Dsquared belongs to Staff International and that belongs to Diesel. You might say now THAT’S Italian But Dsquared ain’t Italian. It’s Canadian. What happened to you?

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