Rachel Clark

Written By bryanboy

Rachel Clark

Dear friends in the NYLONMILPAR fashion industry (you know who you are),

Friends? What friends? Just kidding.

The next time you see Rachel Clark, please take lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of pictures of her. And say hi! So far she did BCBG, Marchesa and another show I forgot and she’s bound to do more shows. We love her dearly and we can’t get enough of her! Believe it or not, there’s quite a number of us who keep track of her progress  and every time we see her somewhere, we can’t help but feel proud like a Mother Hen. We want Rachel to make it BIGGG! She’s a doll but best of all, she’s got a great heart, that Rachel Clark.

Rachel Clark

DO ITTTTT! DO ITTT FOR ME! I would totally die if you emailed me a photo of her backstage, just specifically FOR ME. Think of it as an advanced thanksgiving/chrismukkah/christmas present. Haha ;)

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