Preen Spring/Summer 2008

Written By bryanboy

Preen Spring/Summer 2008

Whoever did the casting for Preen should get a BIG bonus and they should give themselves a pat on the back. I’m gonna ignore the fact that I saw a TON of boobs… who the hell cares? Everyone is tanned to the nines it’s like all of the models came out of the same baking oven!!!!! A lot of my fave girls are there and then some: Natasha, Snejana, Tanya D., Julia Stegner and Vlada, Freja and Anja sporting new haircuts, Agyness and her platinum pixie goodness + more!

Snejana Onopka at Preen Spring/Summer 2008Natasha Poly at Preen Spring/Summer 2008

Click click click!

Natasha Poly is seriously the queen of the catwalk these days… homegirl really worked her ass all the way to the top.

Natasha Poly at Preen Spring/Summer 2008

Divanopkans around the world unite!

Snejana Onopka at Preen Spring/Summer 2008

HOOOOOOAAAALLLYYY fake bake batman Sasha Pivovarova! I *LOVE* her collar bones. Ugh so erotic.

Sasha Pivovarova at Preen Spring/Summer 2008

Anja and her one-piece bathing suit… it’s all about the hips.

Anja Rubik at Preen Spring/Summer 2008

I’m lovin’ Freja’s new hair!!

Freja Beha Erichsen at Preen Spring/Summer 2008

Note to self: if ever I’m gonna go for a boob job, I’ll make sure to reference Julia Stegner’s tits. They’re SOOO perfect!

Julia Stegner at Preen Spring/Summer 2008

What’s a show without Agyness?

Agyness Deyn at Preen Spring/Summer 2008

Vlada Vlada Vlada… isn’t it funny how they covered up the thin ones to avoid getting whacked by those damn chubby chasers. LOL.

Vlada Roslyakova at Preen Spring/Summer 2008

Boobage from Lily Donaldson…

Lily Donaldson at Preen Spring/Summer 2008

There is only ONE Natasha Poly.

Natasha Poly at Preen Spring/Summer 2008

And there you have it. Stellar cast at Preen eh? I hope this is a sign of things to come over the next few weeks.


  1. lily donaldson has HUGE nipples, yuck! and the fake bake on sasha makes her skin look dirty. there, thats all i have to say.

  2. live and let live! so what if lily donaldson has huge ass nipples?
    btw, it’s not her nipples that are huge but it’s her areola.
    i can’t believe i know more about the female anatomy more than you do :P
    so tell me, do you have a small areola??
    or should i say “YUCK! you have HUGE nipples?”

  3. GOTTA LOVE SNEJANA ONOPKA, what are you talking about bryan? Snejana’s walk is better and more sophisticated than natasha’s, natasha is soooooooo cheap.

  4. niples & areolas wtf? what i meant to say is the bitch has huge areolas! and good for her, since it hasnt kept her off the catwalk. work with what u got, right? lol. gosh you’re so damn defensive about your supermodels…and i thought u admitted before that they’ve gotten more boring these past few years, no?

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