Pizza Hut Chicken Wings

Written By bryanboy

Pizza Hut Chicken Wings

This blog entry is dedicated to the hottest girl in Paris who’s currently craving for Pizza Hut chicken wings. Thanks to her, I rang Pizza Hut and asked them to deliver.

Chicken Wings

Click click click!

You know you live in the cesspit of the third world when the chickens are small and underfed. Boo fucking hoo for third world pizza hut. Dorothy you’re not in Kansas anymore!

Pizza hut chicken wings Manila (2.47€ or US$3.43 for 6 pieces)

Chicken Wings


Pizza hut chicken wings Paris (10 pieces)

Chicken Wings

Does anyone know if John Galliano eats chicken wings?

I’m gonna go wash my face now. My mouth smells like crotch.


  1. Eating to much chicken makes you gay…they say because of the unnatural chicken feeds…this rumor or fact has been circulating in my hometown recently. Is it true?

  2. i guess his mouth smells like crtoch becuse chicken = cock. i mean like cock can mean chicken too. idk haha

  3. Pizza Hut Chicken Wings Australia shits on both of y’all! Cluck Cluck Woot!!

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