Peter Jensen Spring/Summer 2008

Written By bryanboy

Peter Jensen Spring/Summer 2008

Have y’all seen the latest Peter Jensen collection? The first thing that came to mind is… SWEDEN! The denim pieces says it all. In fact, if you look at outfit #1 below, that whole ‘look’ is 100% Swedish. Only a true blue Swede can pull it off, I think. As far as the other outfits are concerned, your average scandinavian bunny will probably get a heart attack with all those colours and they’ll replace some of it with something gray, black or white but you get the idea. Call me crazy but I really can’t picture a Swede in something like Cavalli, Dolce & Gabbana or Gareth Pugh. Hahahaha ;) JK.

Peter Jensen

What do you think? I love it when I’m right. You KNOW I am right. Ja? Nej?


  1. You know you’re right bitch :D
    Come to sweden and buy some shit haha :D
    And i agree with that cavalli-swede thing. Swedes loves crap like dolce… i think its time for u to introduce them to Chanel,YSL,Givenchy etc :D don’t u ?

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