Ocular Penetration Restriction Act

Written By bryanboy

Ocular Penetration Restriction Act

Holy mother of god pray for us sinners. THIS IS THE REASON WHY I FUCKING LOVE AMERICA Y’ALL!!!!!!!!! This shit is real right here. Jesus, I cannot believe what I’m watching. Who the hell knew SKULL FUCKING is rampant in America? It’s an epidemic!!!! You really have to hand it out to those Republicans.

"I don’t have to quote statistics for you. We’ve all heard the stories on the news. Every single day another grandmother is skull fucked in front of her apartment building by street thugs while neighbours do nothing."

"Skull fucking is the problem and we just don’t have the resources to stop them."


My favourite line: NOBODY IS BORN A SKULL FUCKER!!!!!!!


  1. Dearest Bryan Boy, Darling:
    I’m no fan of republicons, and it wouldn’t surprise me to see this sort of shit from them. However, and I really hate telling you, this is from the Onion, a venerable and respected FAKE news network.
    an anti-republicon fan from the US of A

  2. Before people start taking this seriously…its a joke, see the Onion (as in Onion-span). Kudos on the find though…it’s skull-fucking hilarious.

  3. Ohhhh you had me!! You had me for like 30secs before I realised republicans would NEVER say the word “fucking” in public. America has republicans.. but they also have people willing to make fun of the republicans.. God bless these hilarious jackasses.

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