No-l-ita, No Anorexia

Written By bryanboy

No-l-ita, No Anorexia

if you’re gonna go for thinspiration you might as well go for the kill, right? Italian brand Nolita unleashed their latest ad campaign in Milan featuring Isabelle Carro, a 27-year old anorexic who weighs 70 pounds. Yes my minions, she’s all over the place — buses, billboards, everywhere!



"NO ANOREXIA". The new Nolita campaign realised by Oliviero Toscani for the fashion brand of Flash & Partners Group from Tombolo leaves no room for doubt.

The subject chosen to convey this message, in particular for young women who follow fashion, is that of a young girl who has fallen victim to the sickness which, along with bulimia, affects as many as two million people in Italy alone. Toscani has literally laid his subject bare, to show the reality of this sickness to all through this naked body, a sickness that in most cases is caused by the stereotypes imposed on women by the fashion world.



  1. She looks disgusting and miserable. It’s ok to want to be skinny but looking like death its not fun at all.

  2. arrgh! that’s major exploitation of this poor anorexic woman….what were the people behind Nolita thinking????

  3. filipinochio

    I’m afraid that this picture will not do any good but rather will create much issues that will soon eradicate the situation and result to discrimination and laugh among anorexic people, it would not help people with anorexia..IT’S TOO MUCH..stop it.

  4. I think it was a good idea to start this campaign. Not long ago a model dies because of anorexia. The press has way to much influence in peoples lifes. They always show young skinny and pretty girls. This is a perfect way to show everybody where all this leads to. Maybe it will help girls stop starving and start loving themselves the way they are. And maybe the designers will stop taking models under weight for fashion shows.

  5. i think this ad campaign is fantastic. it has raised the issue of eating disorders among people who would otherwise never talk about it. i teach in a girls school and its heartbreaking to see girls hiding their skinny frames with two school uniforms..perhaps this will warn children before they start?

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