Nautica Spring/Summer 2008

Written By bryanboy

Nautica Spring/Summer 2008


Nautica Spring/Summer 2008

I swear to god, huge male models SCARE the hell out of me. You know what I mean — they are sooo "perfect" they look like they belong to a bar. go to any major city in the world and most bartenders at gay clubs are muscle marys it’s intimidating.

Research (well, my research anyway) shows that a lot of muscle marys have a very limited shelf life. Most of them either:

a) grow fat as in really fat after a decade or so. think world war 2 veterans from mississipi or alabama fat


b) die from a sexually-transmitted disease.

Do you really think there’s a Chelsea bitch muscle mary out there who still pumps iron when they’re 60? Please.

Ignore me. I’m a bitter young wannarexic little queen! LOL.


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