Model Tattoo

Written By bryanboy

Model Tattoos

Redemption? Guess the model who owns these tats WITHOUT cheating. She also has another one on her neck.

model tattoo

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It’s Freja Beha Erichsen!!!!!

model tattoo


  1. Hair issues

    OMG. She’s got hair issues like you. She went to the same hair length like you, like, out of free will, whereas you r letting it grow so r excused and admired for the effort. But her air isn’t heavy enough creating too much fluffy volume. Ewww! Speaking about a careerkilling haircut. Well, she looks a lesbian anyway, won’t be long before she buzzes it all off for a Meisel ed or sumthn. For the sake of art.

  2. hey i dressed for this show. preen’s swimsuits were a pain to put on! especially bec it was a relatively fast show! but the models were gorgeous…i dont know what got into me but i didnt take pictures at all…it was a really eventful day for me however…i ate at DIVA restaurant near soho grand hotel (where the preen show was) and hillary alexander was there! earlier when they were having rehearsals, i filled in for the late models and had to ramp with the models in line for the counting, including agyness, jessica (stam?)..agyness was pretty but there was something really distinctly british about her..must be the skin? she had a bike too on her way home,…later during the day, still at soho grand, i did another show (karen walker)…i saw pete wentz talking on the phone at the lobby…

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