Model Stretch Marks Part 2

Written By bryanboy

Model Stretch Marks Part 2

My Mexican buddy Mauricio once told me that everyone has a little stretch mark on the ass. Guess who!

Stretch Marks

NO CHEATING, MMMKAY???????? Vote first before you click, click, click for the answer. I repeat, NO CHEATING! Whoever gets the answer right shall receive a kiss from me on the cheek and an oreo cookie.

Click click click!

It’s supermodel Naomi Campbell at the Miss Bikini Spring 2008 fashion show in Milan!!

Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell

Homegirl is still fierce for a 40 year old woman! I swear to god, out of all the old school veterans, Naomi is the only one out there who is still werrrking it like she owns it.

You better werrkkkkkkk! Werrrrrkk!!!

Naomi Campbell is on the cover of i-D Magazine October 2007.


  1. ellegirl Holland ! and no there is no dutch vogue :P

    I also knew it. I was like that butt belongs to naomi 100 % sure.>>>>>
    Work Covergirl! , Work supermodel whet your lips and make love to the camera

  2. Fuck her up!!! she’s a fart-loving, black-assed, maid-hating Whore!!! haha!!! but i still luv her!!!

  3. Hey i just saw the D&G 2008 collection- Do u know if they are already sellin the shoes of their collection? and do u have any idea of a website where i can shop those shoes. Let me know! by the way ur web is awesome!!!

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