Lookie lookie at this fabulous video clip of Isaac Mizrahi and a quick preview of his Spring/Summer 2008 collection. Look at the textures, the colours, the details, the crystals, the beadwork etc. I want that teeny tiny bolero jacket covered in crystals/gems whatever!!


"I like it cause I like awwwl the dresses cause they kinda like challenge the wearer to create new contexts for herself like she can’t go to the same old places in these dresses, she’s gonna have to figure out fabulous new places to go.


That was just an incredible quote I just said, sorry, I just blew my own mind so circle that."

I LOVE ISAAC! Isaac Mizrahi to me is very special. My obsession with fashion really ignited when I first saw Unzipped and I must have been 8 or 9 years old at that time!